Sunday, January 29, 2012

On Making Videos

Here is what i use to make my videos:

1. CamStudio. This is a nice free and open-source desktop video capture program. Make sure to use their Lossless Codec, and go with these settings:

Set Keyframes Every 30 frames
Capture Frames Every = 50 milliseconds
Playback Rate = 20 frames per second
Video codec: CamStudio Lossless Codec
Quality: 70%

2. Handbrake Video Transcoder. This will help you to shrink videos before uploading them to Youtube. It is free and open source. You can cut the size of a video 10x and it will still look & sound good.

3. A Blue Microphones Snowball USB Mic. About $65

4. An Acer Aspire 5742 Laptop (Core i3, 8GB RAM). I like this laptop for the following reasons:

  • got it at Wal*Mart for $369 (plus $70 for the extra RAM)
  • built-in number pad
  • built-in high-def web cam
  • gesture mouse pad
  • hdmi output
  • decent battery time
  • light

The only problem with it is the crappy built-in microphone, hence the Snowball.