I teach graduate Data Mining and Business Intelligence at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia in beautiful Vancouver. I have a Master of Business Administration degree, and my undergraduate degree is in Economics.

In a previous life, I was the Chief Operating Officer of SJ Labs, a telecom software company. It's now magicJack.

I program in C#, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and Java. I'm using the Yii framework for PHP on a couple of projects, and also have a blog about learning Yii as well as a blog about learning ExtJS.

See my Youtube channel and my CrossValidated profile. CrossValidated is a crowd-tempered Q & A site for statistics. It's awesome. You should also check out StackOverflow for programming questions.

Why RapidMiner? 'Cuz it's free and open source, has a pretty drag-n-drop interface, runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac, and is much easier to learn than R. RapidMiner is to R as Mac is to Linux.

Why JMP? 'Cuz it's the easiest to use stats package ever made. Use it only if you want to blow peoples' minds.