Wednesday, September 22, 2010

JMP 9 Review and Video Preview

Got myself a copy of JMP 9, fresh off the press. I'll give you some details about the software, and walk through the new features with some videos.

Download & Installation

   1. Download size is 352 MB for Windows, 236 MB for mac.
   2. 32 and 64 bit Windows is supported
   3. A 30 day trial will be available.
   4. Installed size is 325 MB on Windows, with one language, and none of the add-ons
   5. Online activation is required
   6. There is a new product called JMP Pro that includes extra features, such as boosted trees.
   7. Language support includes:
         1. English
         2. Japanese
         3. Simplified Chinese
         4. French
         5. German
         6. Italian

Starting JMP 9

   1. The first time you start it, JMP 9 will ask you if you want to import your customized menus from previous versions of JMP, which is nice of em.
   2. There are some changes to the main window and tool bars. See screenshot below
   3. You can find new JMP add-ins at
   4. Windows are “non-modal” now. For example, if you minimize all windows, your JMP starter will be its own icon on the task bar

The JMP Home Window

Initial Thoughts
  • The Excel Add-In Profiler could be simpler by setting the output only field, and automatically using all input fields related to that function. This is what DecisionTools TopRank tool does. 
  • I like the preview windows in the Home Window, but I find switching between windows a bit confusing. I'm sure I'll figure it out.
  • R integration in JSL seems straightforward. I'll put up a video soon.
  • Not sure I like the idea of JMP Pro. It's nice to have one version of JMP and get all the features. 
  • Mapping in Graph Builder should be sweet, but their map servers aren't up yet, so I'll have to figure out a way around this for now. I'm looking forward to a map/bubble plot combo.

Video: JMP 9 Excel Add-In Basics

Video: JMP 9 Excel Add-In Profiler

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