Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What is the Work of Dogs In This City?

What are the top industries in the City of Vancouver?

Knowledge workers include information, finance, insurance, real estate, science, management, and admin.
Obviously, there is not much mining going on in the city, but many mining companies are located here.

Digging deeper, what are the top sub-industries?

Automobile Dealers is slightly misleading, as Jim Pattison Group is a large and diversified company but is classified as an Automobile Dealer.

What are the most profitable industries in the City of Vancouver?

Looks like it pays to mine gold! These numbers are in thousands of dollars. 

What are the most profitable companies in Vancouver?

Those numbers are in thousands of dollars, so Teck made $2.655 billion. Finning is a company that sells and services Caterpillar equipment.

What is the highest revenue numbered corporation, and who is it?

417289 B.C. LTD had 2009 revenues of $126 million, has 800 employees. Care to guess who it is? The answer is at the bottom.

What is the biggest holding company in Vancouver, and who is it?

Shato Holdings had $958 million of revenue in 2008 and 6000 employees. Who is it better known as?

More Coming!


Numbered: Concord Security
Holding: White Spot. But Shato owns many other companies as well.

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